DIY Glitter Pillow

My obsession with glitter continues with my latest DIY craft. These glitter pillows are extremely easy to make and can add a zest to any room in your house.

Follow my step-by-step tutorial to make your own - 

Step 1:  Gather your materials – Mod Podge Fabric Glue, pillows, glitter, paint brush & tape

IMG_2343 IMG_2345

Step 2: Tape off your pillows (I decided to do stripes for one of these pillows)


Step 3: Apply the fabric glue to the exposed fabric


Step 4: Apply the glitter and lightly rub it into the glue –  cover all the fabric


Step 5: Once the glue dries pull off the tape


Step 6: Apply more glue the dried glitter – try and stay on the glitter part – this helps seal the glitter so it doesn’t go everywhere

IMG_2352 IMG_2353

Step 7:  Once it dries – it’s time to decorate and enjoy the fruit of your labor :)



What do you think?