North Conway, NH – International Mountain Equipment

International Mountain Equipment – North Conway, NH – 2733 White Mountain Highway – (603) 356-7013

Overall thoughts: A retail store located in the heart of North Conway, that happens to have a specialty consignment store aimed at hikers and back country enthusiast in the basement.

Recommend: If you’re into hiking and getting into the outdoors, go here.  It can be hit or miss, but overall I have found great options to help me outfit me for the great outdoors.

Over this past weekend I went camping and hiking in NH. On my feet were my favorite Asolo hiking boots and it dawned on my that I had to share my favorite consignment shop for getting fitted for the great outdoors.  So here I am filling you in on a well kept secret consignment store in NH.

I didn’t know this place existed until my boyfriend, Jeb, took me here looking for gear for our trip to Yosemite.  It was my first major backpacking trip… ok really just my first backpacking trip (LOL)… and I had to have the right look to conquer the mountains out West. This is when I found my Asolo hiking boots for $60, going for over $200 brand new and in great condition, I knew I had to take these to Cali with me.

Here is I am ready to hike through Yosemite, wearing my boots none the less. 


Of course you can’t see the boots (who took this photo), but I swear they are on!  I hiked in them for three days and my feet felt great throughout the adventure. I now where them on all my hiking expeditions. 


Here is a better shot of them! I was amazed at the size of the pinecones out there. My foot is not small either. 

Basically, I wanted to share this store with you so you could see that there is more than just fashionable clothing at consignment stores. This is a MUST stop for us whenever we go to North Conway, which is frequent. Again, it is in the basement of the retail shop (labeled IME), also supplying new back country gear. It is located next to the Eastern Slope Inn on the main shopping area of North Conway.

Check it out the next time you head to North Conway! 


One more shot of Yosemite – Half Dome looking magical in the clouds! 




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